Resuming Sanctuary Worship Letter

Dear People of Hope,

We see hope on the horizon, and some are itching to be back in the building. We as a council hear you, and we’re working hard to get things ready for our return. We anticipate resuming worshiping indoors on May 9th at am. We need your help and cooperation to make it all happen. 

How are we preparing? 

Our preparations include but are not limited to: 

• Getting appropriate signs in place; 

• Removing all items from pews including hymnals, Bibles, attendance record pads, pencils, etc.; 

• Marking sanctuary and walkways to guide physical distancing;

• Putting in place ample supplies of hand sanitizer, gloves and masks; 

• Putting cleaning protocols in place, and procuring a new custodian/cleaning company; 

• Recruiting and training ushers on new protocols. 

What will worship be like? 

• Masks will be required at all times;

• Everything will be projected on the screen, (no bulletins);

• Ushers will check you in from the advanced reservation seat list;

• Pews will be marked for physical distancing, (household groups can sit together);

• We will refrain from singing until it is deemed safe;

• Communion will be at the end of the service, (pre-packaged cups given as people exit) or BYO; 

• People ushered out pew by pew at the end of the service (like at a wedding);

• People who disregard these safeguards will be asked to leave the building.

How do I make reservations? 

Use this link or call the church office.

What happens if…

-- the 2-week average of cases spikes? We will move back to drive-in worship as weather allows. 

-- we receive notice that a worshipper received a positive test result? We will close indoor worship for 2 weeks and appropriately notify other worshippers based on attendance lists. 

What if I’m not comfortable coming back yet?

We understand, and we will continue to live-stream our services. 

In the meantime, pray for Hope and your council as we prepare for this transition. Practice patience and kindness with one another. Keep wearing your masks--especially indoors. Sign up for the vaccine. Take care, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Your siblings in Christ,
Hope Lutheran Church Council