"Our Hope" Capital Campaign

 Capital Campaign UPDATE

 Believing    Building    Renewing

June 2017-August 31, 2021

Total Money Received: $133,280.86

Bucky Book Sales (2017,18, 19): $2379.00

Capital Campaign Account Balance as of 9/8: $14,381.03

Balance Remaining on Loan as of 9/8: $36,238.49 


Chair: vacant

Dick Lande, Cathie Marty, Connie Lauer, Pastor Beth Shultz Byrnes

In May of 2017, the Church Council appointed a Capital Campaign Committee to assist in raising funds to pay off a loan which was secured to pay for several large needed improvements at Hope. Our fire alarms and security system were updated. Security cameras, two furnaces and two air conditioners were installed. New LED energy efficient parking lot lights were put in and new siding and windows greatly improved the exterior of the building as well as helped with reducing our energy costs. Natural gas lines were also run into the building which have improved our heating bills.

An initial loan was secured in the amount of $ 148,868.00 to pay for the above improvements. June 1, 2017 marked the beginning of Hope’s three year campaign to pay off this loan. On June 1, 2020 we will reach our three year point. The current balance of our loan is shown above. The Capital Campaign Committee has decided to extend the campaign for another two years with the hope of paying off the loan and eliminating re-financing.

The committee is very grateful to all who have contributed to date.  Hope’s members can be proud of the significant progress that has been made. In addition to our monthly payments on the loan, contributions received have enabled us to make five lump sum payments to help reduce the amount owed and to save interest.

If you haven’t already, please consider contributing to help the committee in future planning and to reach our goal of having the loan paid off completely by June 1, 2022. For any members that wish to help there are various ways to do so. Contributions can be made as a one-time gift or through weekly or monthly payments. For proper recording, please mark on your offering envelopes the amount to go to the campaign. For those wanting to contribute through the Vanco-Simply Giving/automatic deduction program a form is available at the usher’s stand and in the office.

The Campaign Committee is asking every church family to consider the generosity that God has shown to you, the importance of Hope's mission and the returns that God promises to the cheerful giver. Together, we continue to appreciate the beautiful renewal of our exterior, utility savings and safety updates of our facilities. "Our Hope" Capital Campaign is an extension of our spiritual commitment and our mission and ministry!