Omicron Variant Forces Changes in Sunday Worship Routine

Omicron Variant Forces Changes to Worship

The latest variant of the Covid-19 virus (Omicron) has caused a spike in cases and pushed our local hospitals to capacity. The Wisconsin Council of Churches is urging congregations to take this latest surge seriously and return to remote (virtual) worship. While Hope will not be shutting down as suggested, our council decided to put some precautions in place for the rest of January. We will reassess our actions for February.

For the rest of January:

  • Cornerstone Café will be paused (no Cornerstone Café);
  • Sunday school will be on an extended winter break;
  • Congregational singing will be limited.

 In addition to these precautions, you are encouraged to continue best practices to slow the spread of the virus. Get vaccinated and boosted if you are able. Wear a well-fitting mask. Wash hands frequently. And of course, stay home and get tested if you are sick. We also encourage you to take advantage of our livestreamed services when you stay safe in your homes.