Pluck a Leaf from the Giving Tree

When enter church on Sunday, you won’t be able to miss our “giving tree.” This is a chance for members young and old to invest in Hope Lutheran Church. Notice in the logo, there are all size members making up the tree trunk. This represents all of us – members young and old. You will also notice our tree has leaves with dollar amounts from as low as $1 to $500. Please take a leaf (or two) with the dollar amount you feel comfortable with, and use the envelope provided and place it in the offering plate. We can only be strong when everyone is part of the foundation. Hope’s Stewardship Ministry encourages you to invest in Hope from the heart. Note also besides dollar amounts, there are leaves that you can use to donate your service to various tasks. Remember we can only be strong when everyone is part of the foundation. Don't have the cash or a checkbook? Use this LINK to participate. Just click, then choose "Giving Tree" and write on your leaf 'online donation'. See also the book entitled “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein on the table. Feel free to take a peek. 

Plus, this a challenge – whatever amount the congregation donates, there will be a match up to $5,000! Watch the leaves disappear off the tree and fill the bushel basket.

Publish Date: 
Wed, 2023-03-15