Thankoffering Sunday


Thankoffering is Sunday, November 17th

       Back in the 1800s, thankofferings were to support local and international missions and still today, thankofferings support Women of the ELCA ministries that reach thousands of communities. To date, Women of the ELCA has delivered more than $3.1 million in grants for domestic and international organizations, and more than $630,000 in scholarships to Lutheran women.

Thankoffering Sunday was traditionally a time when individuals brought the offerings they had collected during the year in their own Thanksgiving containers. Today, some women continue this tradition, setting aside a jar in their home to collect daily thankofferings to give thanks for God’s blessings. It is a tradition for celebration of community, of meeting together to give thanks for what God has given us.

On Thankoffering Sunday, women of Hope Lutheran Church will assist with most phases of our worship services. The service allows Hope women to celebrate and continue their commitment to the ministries of Hope and Women of the ELCA. Thankofferings are an opportunity to say thank you to God. We will have special envelopes in the pews to collect your thankofferings.