Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Hope Lutheran Church?

First, visit us on Sunday morning. Come to worship. See if Hope is a place you'd like to hang out. Then, talk to the pastor. She'd like to get to know you better and talk with you about your spiritual life. After that, just keep coming to worship. Get to know other members of Hope. And get involved. That will make your membership at Hope more beneficial for you.

Do we need to be members to have our baby baptized at Hope?

Normally it is expected that at least one of the parents be a member of Hope. Baptism is an important step in our life with Jesus and belonging to a church is a great way to keep the journey going.

Do we need to be members to get married at Hope?

No. You will need to make sure the pastor is available on the date you have selected and that the date is clear on the church calendar. You will also need to meet with the pastor to plan the service and to talk about starting your married life together. Call the church office for more information.

I am not a member. Can I take communion?

Everyone is welcome to take communion. Children may take communion with the permission of the pastor and at the request of their parents. Normally, at Hope, this happens in the fifth grade, following a period of instruction.

If you have not been baptized or received specific instruction about communion, we invite you to talk to the pastor.