Property Team Members:

Gregg Burmeister, Co-Chair
Gary Gausmann, Co-Chair
Mary Ackerman
Dan Harvey
Matt Kuehl
Ron Sawatzky
Rita Sawatzky


The Property Chair and team is responsible for proper maintenance, repairs and use of church property so that the church can be used for ministry.

 Responsibilities include the following:

  • Oversees the purchases, repairs and replacement of church property and equipment;
  • Arranges for repairs as necessary;
  • Recruits volunteers for improvement, cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping and other projects;
  • Reviews and coordinates the service and insurance contracts;
  • Determines security needs of the buildings and property;
  • Makes an annual inspection of the property and equipment and recommends needed repairs and improvements;
  • Conducts an annual inventory of property and equipment;
  • With church council determines regulations governing use of church property and equipment;
  • Organizes a fall and spring clean-up day for inside and outside cleaning;
  • Prepares a Property Ministry budget & submits to council at annual budget time;
  • Updates property area on website as needed and submits property related articles for the monthly newsletter;
  • Reviews the Policy and Procedures Manual related to Property Ministry and updates annually;
  • Submits a report of goals, accomplishments and activities for the annual report.