Great Things

are Happening at Hope!!!

         As youth ministry chair I would like to thank the congregation for their support, the Youth Ministry Team for their hard work, Pastor Beth and the Renewal Team for their listening, guidance and the new ideas that have challenged us this last year. I am amazed at the growth and the enthusiasm we are experiencing right now!

Did you know that the youth of Hope Lutheran Church are involved in:

l Bells; l “Meeting & Eating” breakfast;

l HLCW Bazaar; l Spring/fall clean-up;

l Highway clean-up; l Fill-in ushers when needed;

l Renewal team; l Easter breakfast with HLCW;

l Praise band; l our first ever “Thanksgrilling”!

There also will be a Youth Delegate at the synod 2019 assembly -- Megan Carlson.

Also, we have these exciting new firsts to look forward to this next year:

l First mission trip this summer in decades!

l First ever youth ushering team

l First time three of our four classes are taught

     by youth in Sunday school

l First ever confirmation communion team

l First Youth Musical – “Jonah and the Whale”,

     Directed by the Mood Family

Thank you all! Without your involvement none of it would be happening!  

Blessings to you all,

Dan Harvey, Youth Chair